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Tanboress Guilin Trip
  • Source :TANBORESS
  • Time :2024/4/25 9:33:39

Tanboress Guilin Trip

In order to strengthen team cohesion and promote communication and cooperation among employees, we, TANBORESS, organized a team-building tour in Guilin from April 17th to April 21st. This trip is designed to let everyone relax and experience the beautiful natural scenery together, and Improve team collaboration skills through interaction and inject new vitality into future work!
Guilin’s landscapes are unparalleled in the world. Our team visited famous scenic spots such as the Li River, Elephant Trunk Mountain, and Yangshuo West Street. The beautiful scenery of the Li River was intoxicating. We took a passenger boat to enjoy the landscape flowers along the way. The unique landforms of the Elephant Trunk Mountain triggered everyone’s excitement. Admire nature!
Guilin’s food was a highlight of the trip. Everyone tasted authentic Guilin rice noodles, beer fish and other local specialties, and shared their taste experiences at dinner, which enhanced communication and understanding between each other!
Looking forward to the future, we at TANBORESS will continue to strengthen team building and organize similar team building activities on a regular basis to continuously enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team. At the same time, we also look forward to transforming the good memories of the Guilin trip into motivation and passion for work, Contribute more wisdom and strength to development! ?? #travel #GourmetFood #China #Tanboress

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