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Our advantage

The core advantages of TANBORESS:

1. First of all, we have our own factory, which means that we have more testing equipment than other companies. 

This is a key point to ensure good quality. Whether it is the testing of single component, cartridge balancing, 

electric actuator, or the gas flow of the whole turbocharger, we have higher requirements for quality.

2. One-stop service. 

We have professional sales with more turbocharger knowledge and we only sell turbochargers. What's more, we have specialized merchandiser, who have more experience in after-sales issues. The whole team will serve you together. 

In addition, we have a professional ERP system that can accurately find the correct product you want and provide accurate information. 

What's more, we can produce nearly 2000 kinds of products. For one order with many types, you can buy all of them from us. 

You don't need to find more suppliers. At the same time, we can make your brand and ensure that you have enough market.

3. We have warranty period of one year. 

When there is some problem, the first thing we care about is our future cooperation. 

Under the condition of ensuring the good cooperation between us, we will give priority to solving problems, rather than shirk responsibility. 

Within one year after delivery, if there is any quality problem, we will send you new items as replacement. 

In addition, our rework rate is less than 3 per thousand.

4. We visit many regular customers every year to learn more about the turbocharger market, 

and we maintain the development of more than 20-50 types of new products every year. 

We are always in the lead of turbo world.

5. We can not only produce the electric actuator, but also the electric turbocharger. So we do better in the matching of these two parts. 

This is the main factor for a manufacturing factory to do good in electric products.

We are LANRESS group including two brands. TANBORESS for complete turbocharger and turbo spare parts, and BOTATEC for electric actuators and electric actuator parts.

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